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Full irrigation kit


Full irrigation kit including one ostomy bag one baseplate flat or convex one flush bag one irrigation syringe one EZ vent key one gas chamber and one ostomy kit carrying bag $295 a one time fee for the irrigation system everything is washable and reusable except the ostomy bag.

Flush bag


This is called a flush bag it’s pretty much like a portable porta potty it allows you to clean your ostomy bag on the go inside of a car airplane etc. You don’t have to worry about any messy spills or cleanups 02% without smell. $35

Gas chambe


Gas chamber allows you too suck the gas out of your ostomy bag without smell when your ostomy bag starts ballooning up $35 two colors blue or black.

EZ Vent Keychain


EZ Vent Keychain it gives you the option to keep your Ostomy Bag left without ballooning up keeping it flat or you can keep it closed so your Ostomy Bag doesn’t allow any bad odors too escape outside of your ostomy bag