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About Company

Our company specializes in odor-reducing ostomy bags that allow you to release the gas out of your ostomy bag without smelling when your ostomy bag starts ballooning up it has a special device called a gas chamber it connects to your ostomy bag it sucks out the smelly gas out of your ostomy bag and holds it until you choose to release it.

It also prevents leaks it has a device called EZ rest that connects to your ostomy bag at night and then collects access drainage that way you don’t have to worry about waking up in the middle of the night dumping your bag it also allows you to lay on your stomach without any leakage etc.

It also comes with a key called EZ vent that gives you the option to leave your vent open so your bag won’t start ballooning up and stay flat or you could keep it closed that way you won’t smell any bad odors.

You never have to worry about clogged filters our company has a special irrigation system attached to our ostomy bags that allows you to inject water with a syringe to loosen up your bowels if it is thick to easily dump it into a device that connects to your ostomy bag that’s called a flush bag it’s basically a portable porta potty that allows you to clean your ostomy bag on the go 02% no smell even if you are inside of a car you don’t have to worry about any messy spills or clean-ups you can also use the irrigation syringe to add your favorite fragrance to make your ostomy bag smell really nice especially when you are dumping it into the flush bag.

Our special irrigation system is reusable all you need to do is wash with soap and water it’s a one-time fee of $295 after that you only have to purchase our ostomy bags for $40 apiece our bags last longer than your average ostomy bags because of our special irrigation system that allows our ostomy bags to remain to look brand new.

Our company is about empowering people to make them live a more comfortable and better life with our ostomy bag it doesn’t matter if you’re traveling by plane car hiking boating etc. If you are a very active ostomate or just tired of the problems that come with having to wear an ostomy bag our ostomy bag is for you.

What’s included.
1 Irrigation syringe.
1 Collapsible gas chamber colors black or blue.
1 EZ vent key.
1 Ostomy bag including base plate flat or convex your choice.
1 Logo bag to hold all of your ostomy supplies.
Money-Back Guaranteed

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Why Ostomy bag?

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    The Worlds Best Ostomy Bag